Please Join us for CPAC West and the 6th Annual Basque Fry with Adam Paul Laxalt and the American Conservative Union

The second annual CPAC West and 6th Annual Basque Fry will take place August 8, 2020.

CPAC West will focus on a variety of policies affecting the West as well as issues that impact the country as a whole. The American Conservative Union hosts several Battleground CPACs throughout the country and international CPACs around the world every year, but CPAC West is special since it provides an annual opportunity for people to meet who might not otherwise travel across the country for the national CPAC near Washington DC.

The 6th Annual Basque Fry continues to be both a Laxalt tradition, and a Nevada tradition. National speakers and numerous other elected officials participate each year. The Basque heritage is rich in Nevada. Perhaps the most famous descendant of Basque sheepherders in Nevada history also happens to be one of the Silver State’s most accomplished and respected political figures – former Governor and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt (Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s grandfather). Senator Laxalt regularly hosted Basque lamb fry events throughout his career – both throughout Nevada and even in Washington, DC.

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