Dale Bellis

Dale Bellis is currently the Executive Director of Liberty HealthShare. He led the reorganization plan two years ago that launched Liberty HealthShare under the terms of the Affordable Care Act for healthcare sharing ministries. Liberty HealthShare dates its origins through it’s parent ministry, Gospel Light Mennonite Church Medical Aid Plan, Inc. since 1995.

Mr. Bellis began his work in healthcare as an Executive Administrator with the Lirst cost-sharing group ever begun in modern times. When he started in 1988 there were 1000 families participating. When he left in 2001 there were 25,000 families sharing medical bills. He was instrumental in passing legislation in 11 states exempting cost sharing from insurance regulations. He also introduced technology and administrative techniques to stream line person to person costsharing.

In 2001 he founded a business to administer self-funded health care plans for employers. As a Third Party Administrator, Mr. Bellis developed innovative cost containment strategies for employers. He created the Lirst technology-based audit system for healthcare billing called Medical Bill Review. MBR corrects duplicate billing and billing errors received from providers by using physician peer review techniques. MBR saves employer plans millions of dollars in unfair charges each year.

With experience in both secular healthcare plans and cost sharing ministries, Mr. Bellis founded Liberty HealthShare in 2012 to provide Americans freedom from insurance and government mandated healthcare. Mr. Bellis holds advanced degrees in religious education, philosophy and communications. He has four children and seven grandchildren, and resides in northeastern Ohio with his wife Kathy


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