CPAC 2016 Activism Boot Camp:
Where You Become the Game Changer

March 2: 1pm – 5pm, followed by Activism Boot Camp Reception
March 3: 10am – 4pm
March 4: 10am – 1pm

Wednesday Student Activism Track

1:00 How We Reached 1 Million Students in 2015 (and How You Can, Too)
Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA

1:45 pm “You Have to See This!”: Causing a Stir with Viral Videos
Caleb Bonham, DCO Consulting

2:30 pm Changing Campus Culture
David Blair and Summer Ratcliff, The Leadership Institute

3:15 pm There’s No Such Thing as a Safe Space: Keeping Campuses Free
Catherine Sevcenko, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

4:00 pm Winning Student Elections
Scott Ellis and Micah Pearce, American Majority

4:45 pm Get Hired in Campaigns and Politics
Evan Stewart, Campaign Hunter

6:00 pm Adjourn followed by Activism Boot Camp Reception

Wednesday Community Activism Track

1:00 pm Community Organizing in a Post-Obama World
Matt Robbins, American Majority

1:45 pm How to Beat the Left at Their Own Game
Brent Gardner, Americans for Prosperity

2:30 pm The Latino Vote: The Beginning or the End of the Conservative Movement?
Mike Madrid, GrassrootsLab

3:15 pm Social Media: How to Become the Digital Activist Every Movement Needs
Aubrey Blankenship, American Majority

4:00 pm The Wisconsin Model: A Five-Year Fight
Matt Batzel, American Majority

4:45 pm Not Running? What YOU Can Do to Influence an Election
Chris Doss, Revolutionary Communications

6:00 pm Activism Boot Camp Reception

Wednesday Campaign, Tech, and Data Track

1:00 pm Campaign Messaging: How to Come Across in a Me-First World
Jessie Nicholson, Wisconsin Women’s Council Board Member

1:45 pm Setting and Reaching the Right Vote Goals
Steven Sutton, Leadership Institute

2:30 pm What Is Political Database Technology and How Will It Help?
Chris Littleton, Voter Gravity

3:15 pm Social Media, SEO, and Campaign Branding: Use It or Lose It
Austin James, CMDI

4:00 pm Say Goodbye to Clipboards: How to Run a Campaign from Your Smartphone
Ned Ryun, American Majority

4:45 pm Money Made Easy: Campaign Fundraising
Rachael Robertson, American Majority

6:00 pm Activism Boot Camp Reception 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

10:00 am Bridging the Divide Between Veterans and Politics
Seth Lynn, Veterans Campaign

10:30am Talking to Minority Voters: Making the Case for Conservatives Nationally
Mike Madrid, GrassrootsLab

11:00 am If Reagan Ran Today: What 2016 Activists Must Learn from Reagan’s Leadership Style
Peggy Grande, The Quiggle Group

11:30 am The Best Campaigns of the Last Cycle and What You Can Learn from Them 
Tayt Brooks, American Majority

1:00 pm Become the Press
Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

1:30 pm Grabbing the Spotlight: How to Generate Earned Media
Matthew Hurtt, Grassroots Leadership Academy

2:00 pm Face-to-Face Still Matters: How to Win the Day with Personal Interaction
Matt Batzel, American Majority

2:30 pm Reaching the Female Youth Vote
Alexandra Smith, College Republican National Committee

3:00 pm Engaging Millennials
Whitney Neal, Bill of Rights Institute

3:30 pm Know Your Enemy: Opposition Research
Alexandra Angel, America Rising PAC

Friday, March 4, 2016

10:00 am Conservative Talk Radio: Rational Thought and the Average Joe
Andrew Wilkow, Host of the Wilkow Majority on SiriusXM Patriot

10:30 am Heat and Light: Making Government Accountable and Transparent
Josh Mandel, Ohio State Treasurer

11:00 am How to Get-Out-the-Vote with Digital
Kurt Bardella, 0ptimus

11:30 am You Get What You Measure: 10 Ways to Evaluate Your Lawmaker
Jessica Anderson, Heritage Action

12:00 pm How to Win the Room: Public Speaking Success
John Tsarpalas,

12:30 pm The New Journalism: Citizen Journalists
Kevin Glass, Franklin Center

Who is going to determine the outcome of 2016 elections? YOU!

The conservative activist is the single most important factor in securing victory on Election Day – ask any campaign veteran.

CPAC 2016 equips you to be a political power player. The CPAC Activism Boot Camp unveils the best-kept winning campaign secrets on both sides of the aisle. Last year almost 1,000 people in standing-room only crowds were trained to win. The serious activists caught the attention of dozens of mainstream media outlets that led with headlines like, “How Conservatives Are Readying Their ‘Grassroots Army’ For 2016” (NPR), “Conservatives Aim to take Campaign Tips from Obama Playbook” (TIME), and “CPAC Campaign Boot Camp Trains GOP to Catch up” (Roll Call).

As the Activism Boot Camp launches into its second year, you will receive a whole new level of do-it-yourself campaign and activism training. Get in on the action on Wednesday for three all-new tracks based on your goals — Student Activism Training, Modern Community Activism Training, and the Campaign, Tech, and Data Workshop — all of which culminate in special access to an evening Activism Boot Camp Reception!

Presented during the three days of the official CPAC 2016 schedule, this is the core training component of CPAC 2016, co-sponsored by American Majority and Leadership Institute, both grassroots training organizations. Hear seasoned campaign and communication strategists from more than a dozen organizations across the nation reveal what it takes to win and how you can play an instrumental role in bringing conservative success to your community… and your nation.

The CPAC 2016 Activism Boot Camp will be helpful for beginners but also useful to advanced campaigners and organizers. This is your next step to influencing 2016 elections. Topics include:

If you possess a firm grasp of social media, messaging, campaign technology, and the top community organizing techniques, you will propel your candidate and the issues you care about to victory. Get a crash course from the experts just in time to be a game changer in 2016. Don’t miss the “action” arm of the Conservative Political Action Conference – Register today! Look for a full Activism Boot Camp agenda in early February.

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